Brandon B. is a self-proclaimed sex educator, writer, and performer living in Brooklyn, New York. He conducts workshops out of various venues including the famous Pleasure Chest in the West Village where he is the manager. After failing to locate any gay sex blogs that talked about “sexy safer-sex,” in 2009 he created TheINQUEERY.com, a sex toy and product review site specifically for gay men. In 2010, he began reading erotic pieces from his personal mini-art zine at various venues including a 12-month residency at The Bowery Poetry Club for the burlesque, queer, performance art show Auralfixia. In 2011, he was a model for the New York Sex Blogger Calendar and will be a presenter at the MOMENTUM conference in Washington DC. Expanding upon the success of The INQUEERY Brandon sets out to begin an exclusive new blog for Darling House titled “PLAN B,” documenting his personal journey — not only a sex educator, writer, and performer — but also revealing a behind the scenes look at his life as he attempts to mold himself into a public sex symbol.

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