Sexy Creep

This is a post about the female gaze.  Occasionally I’m going to be posting about people I consider to be sexy.  A few years ago my BFF Cocette used to stay the night all the time and we would sit around listening to music.  One of our favorites was Smoov-E, a rapper from the bay area who had rapped with Andre Nickatina and Mac Dre.  There was something about his deliberately creepy “character” in his raps…always chasing after barely legal girls he has to drop off “in front of the highschool” as a running gag.   He reminds me of Morris Day from the Time crossed with Suga Free.

Some portraits of Cocette:

And now, for some choice Smoov-E:  These are videos of him performing his raps “live.”


“I see the truth inside your lies/so I hook the panties to the side.”

Clipboard Full of Game:

Smoov-E like Water

“I fucked your daughter/then I pops my collar.”

Mr. Biscuits

Alas, Smoov-E has moved on, transitioning into a rock musician…One Popular Guy.


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