A Whore’s Curriculum by Sovereign 9.4.12

The first phase of my project is to come up with a curriculum.  I’m planning on doing this informally and organically.  I imagine I will see areas that need improvement, more or less time, or that need to be abandoned all together.

The basic idea is that I should round myself out as a person.  I recognize that in some ways I’m turning myself into a dilettante.  While this isn’t ideal, in some areas, it will simply have to do.  This is a project geared toward myself alone, I’m sharing the process with whomever reads this blog, but by no means am I suggesting that it is a path for anyone else to follow.

This is what works for me.  To be quantum mechanical about it, I have to take into account the instrument of observation.  I’m an academic, so it is natural to me that this project to become a courtesan (here I mean in the romanticized historical context, but more about that in future entries) would be structured as a course of study full of reading lists, tests, periodic evaluations and culminating events.

I also plan to use the resources around me to expand and develop the scope and vision of this project (force the friends around me who are smarter and more knowledgeable to give me all their secrets).  There is no goal toward this project other than enrichment and improvement toward an ideal that I will be developing as I study.  I’m planning to attack this project Napoleon style, that is to say fluidly, ready to shift or change course at any time…or like Bruce Lee, you know, be like water.

I’ve come up with a rough outline of courses of study to undertake over the next year.  In future entries I’ll discuss each of these areas in detail.  I will be working on all of these subjects concurrently, hoping that my work in one will influence the others.

The first outline is such:

1. General knowledge

  • World history
  • Geography
  • Current events
  • Politics
  • Current global crisis/conflicts

2. Culture

  • Great works of literature/music/film/theatre
  • Art both contemporary and historical
  • Developing foreign languages
  • Traveling/exploring natural areas, historical points of interest and museums.
  • Fashion and developing a personal sense of style.
  • Fine food and wine.

3. Personal development

  • Read biographies, memoirs and essays by various bonvivants and wits, and heroes
  • Practice musical instrument
  • Learn basic ballroom dances
  • Etiquette/manners
  • Develop a reading list of tomes on war, strategy, seduction, psychology etc.
  • Learn about health/fitness and cultivate better habits.

4. Sexuality

  • Explore
  • Develop a reading list from medical texts to de Sade
  • Great works of erotica/film etc.

This is hardly exhaustive and I plan on developing each area into a detailed syllabus that I can put together.  I suppose this will function as a sort of interdisciplinary degree in liberal arts, sexuality, and fine art.

The idea is that as I work through and develop these ideas and begin to study I will be keeping a record here.  As I participate in more activities and interact with/interview different people I will be posting not only essays, but images and video…so that the project itself is also a kind of performance art.

The first area that I want to work on, is general knowledge.  I’m working to come up with a list of blogs, websites, magazines and journals that I should be keeping up on in regards to world news and events.  I’m also going to be consulting with the friends I have around me, whom I come to rely on as experts in areas of politics and topical affairs in developing a reading list of political texts and historical documents I should familiarize myself with, as well as looking to improve my knowledge of geography.  I’ll be looking into major issues affecting the globe.

From here I’ll draft a syllabus as it were for the next year of media to study as well as new habits to develop in terms of cultural consumption and also activities I can participate in to fully engage with the subject matter, whether it be attending political events, participating in charity drives etc. I will be posting that list in the next few days.  My goal is to have completed a working curriculum and reading list in all of the above areas for the next year by the beginning of October.


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  1. Brittaney says:

    Very much looking forward to this! You are amazing Sovvy!

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