I Love Livin’ in the City!

New York has never been about restraint for me.  Well, to be honest, nothing is really about restraint for me, except being forcibly restrained during sex, in which case, I need to be restrained…but getting back to NYC.

I went to NYC to be part of the first Darling House Live Salon.  My girlfriend wanted me to play a sexy Jesus in her opening burlesque acts, so while I was there, in addition to running a salon with Buck Angel, Lux Alptraum, and Stoya, I also made my burlesque debut.

This trip for me was really more about seeing Rosebud again though, and this time we’ve vowed to see each other more often lest the distance get the best of us.

Some things are just too personal to write about.

I will say this, its much harder find a regular person to fuck out here in LA. It’s not that its hard for me to find someone to have sex with.  It’s easy to get someone to fuck you.  I actually wish more women understood that you don’t have to be beautiful or perfect to fuck any one you want.  It’s just that my tastes are very specific, so I’m rarely impassioned by anyone.

It’s not like Rosebud, she got me right away.

In the immortal words of FEAR: I just wanna fuck some sluts.  I love, livin’ in the city.

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