Sovereign Syre’s Lesbian Surrender

So I directed my first movie!  It’s for Filly Films and its called Sovereign Syre’s Lesbian Surrender.  It’s a performer showcase of myself, which is a bit bold, I admit, but in any future directing endeavors, I hope to remain entirely behind the camera.  For this first time I got the chance to write all my own scenarios, and since I had the opportunity to play any roles I wanted as long as I was casting and directing, I took it.

In this movie I play the kinds of characters I don’t typically get to play in a series of vignettes that I wrote. I have a fetish for the overwrought perfectionist, the repressed Christian woman, the Stepford Wife…In these scenarios I explore themes of surrender to forbidden lesbian impulses.  I basically took the chance to play out the fantasies and sex acts that excite me….so yes, this is a selfish proposition, but I think it’s going to be one where the audience wins.

I cast gorgeous girls that I love working with and I had Dana Vespoli there to shoot camera and stills.  Dana and I get each other on “a cellular level” as she puts it, and she’s one of the only people I can think of that I trust absolutely.  She was really able to capture what I wanted on the first go.

I really feel that this project is something unique.

Well I KNOW it does, because Ela Darling performs her first anal scene in the movie.  I was very honored to have her give me something so special and I think the scene really earned it.

Here are some preview pictures from the movie.  I should have a street date and a trailer for you soon.



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  1. Sovereign,
    This is wonderful news and it must be fabulous to act out your own scenarios – I do hope I can get hold of the film when it goes on release. In a selfish sort of way, I also hope you maintain the persuasive role you have proved to be so good at in previous films – ‘My Sister Celine’ being the most convincing (for me anyhow). Incidentally, I wonder if you have seen the blonde in a recent series called The Massage Rooms?
    She is the cutest thing I have seen for a long time but clearly wasted so far. I would love you to direct or appear with her – let me know if you have seen her.
    I enjoy reading your blog as much as I enjoy watching you and hope your directorial debut does not mean that you disappear from films.
    My best, as always.

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