Happy Bastille Day by Sovereign photos by JM Darling

My porn anniversary falls on Bastille Day…and since Joshua Darling and I don’t really need much of an excuse to have a photo shoot, we thought it would be fun to do one to commemorate….This shoot represents the artistic process and compromise.

Example: I wanted to do a shoot where I was dressed up as Madame Sans-Culotte being DP’d by two Francois Sagat dildos.  I imagined calling it “The Storming of the Bastille.”


Josh was dubious, he wonders why I always have to have something in my ass.  I was insistent that this wasn’t gratuitous anal, but rather a symbolic representation of Franco-American relations.

The French went bankrupt helping the Americans gain independence from the British.  This was on the understanding that once the Americans were free, we would only trade with the French.  Instead what happened was that, we got our freedom from taxation without representation and then went on to trade almost exclusively with the British.  Eventually France lost all of its money and in the midst of two very harsh winters found itself starving at the foot of the table of a decaying aristocracy.  Then they beheaded everyone and Napoleon legalized incest and sodomy…something like that.

Josh wanted to do something with more scale, something more artistic.  So here is our humble compromise.  A tribute to Bastille Day as well as a moment to commemorate my two years in the adult industry.

Bastille Day (1) Bastille Day (2) Bastille Day (3) Bastille Day (4) Bastille Day (5) Bastille Day (6) Bastille Day (7) Bastille Day (8) Bastille Day (9)



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