AUTHENTICITY MONTH: Glove Love with the Swedes by Steve Prue 10.8.12

Hi!  I’m in a quandary this month here at DH.  I make my living taking pretty pictures of pretty people usually being naked.  Most of my day to day images are staged or posed and then massaged and tweaked to make my clients happy.  It pays the bills, keeps my cranky italian motorcycle running and me as far away from a day job as possible.

So…there isn’t a whole lot of artistic authenticity in most of my work – almost all “O” faces are faked, boob scars are removed, hot girls don’t just show up in latex and decide to take a showers in my bathroom.  But, in my head – this is how I see the world when I’m shooting: everyone is pretty, no weird blemishes, no bruises from a drunken stolen shopping cart ride the night before a big magazine shoot, all the bands are cool, all the models are tall and rad…So in my heart of hearts, I am authentic to my vision and my thru-the-view-finder worldview.

Welcome to Vegas, My Vegas, where two hot tattooed Swedish girls wrestle naked in latex gloves high above the strip in a posh suite:

Models: Ellegy Ellem & Amelie Calamity

Gloves by All You Need Is Gloves

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